Size Chart

Finding Your Size

Most women have a general idea of their size, but to ensure a perfect fit, it’s best to get an accurate measurement. Taking your own measurements is easy – all you need is a cloth or vinyl body-measuring tape (not metal).

How to Measure

Make sure that the tape is level and not too tight or too loose. Plus, be sure to measure yourself in your undergarments, not over clothes.

SIZEHEIGHT 5’0 – 5’6HEIGHT 5’7 – 6’0
3090-104 LBS105-115 LBS
32105-115 LBS116-130 LBS
34116-130 LBS131-150 LBS
36131-150 LBS151-170 LBS
38151-170 LBS171-190 LBS
40171-190 LBS191-210 LBS
42191-210 LBS211-230 LBS
44211-230 LBS231-250 LBS
46231-250 LBS251- 270 LBS
48251- 270 LBS271- 290 LBS
50271- 290 LBS291- 310 LBS

Additional Sizing Guides